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  • Products Introduction

    Products Introduction

    We are striving to produce differentiated products centering on our affiliated research institutes.

    Mold for Automobile Part

    We provide powder metal parts manufacturing for a variety of app lications and industries. Sintered metal parts, brazed assemblies, and soft magnetic composites are among our specialties!

    Production item

    Alternative Energy
    Chassis Components
    Clutch Components

    High Strength Synchronizer Hubs
    Industrial & Appliances
    Planetary Carriers
    Pump & Vvt Components


    Molds for Soft Ferrites

    With 30 years of accumulated experiences and know-how in manufacturing hard metal molds for IC packaging, Soft ferrites, Dujin could complete the development of the High Precision Technology.

    Production item

    Coin battery CAN and CAP production technology


    Mold for Fine Ceramics

    CSC’s Firing type paste provides optimal sintering and resistance properties in a wide temperature range and for various substrates.

    For product catalog, please request it through the customer inquiry menu and we will send it to you by e-mail.