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    "A company trusted by customers for its sincerity!"

    We will provide the best service based on the accumulated technology and know-how.
    Doojin Mold is a company that provides the best value with continuous change and innovation.


    Dear customers

    Thank you for visiting our website.
    Since its establishment, our company has been growing until
    today thanks to our customers’ thoughtful consideration and support.
    In the future, based on our accumulated mold processing technology
    for power molding, we will actively strive to process various special
    metal mold inserts and related ultra-precision parts to meet the
    requirements in the new high-tech industry, and contribute to improving
    your productivity through in-time delivery and strict quality control.
    We would like to ask for your support and encouragement. Thank you.

    Dujin Mold Co., Ltd

    CEO CEO Le, Seung Hee