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  • Mold Manufacturing Process

    Through an active communication with customers, we improve their satisfaction level and manage a customer-centered production system.

    1. Receive order specifications

    Review order delivery, Review processing methodand process sequence.

    2. CAD/CAM

    Create a CNC machining program witha lot of data from the customer

    3. Purchase/receive materials

    Order and purchase steel, carbide materials,Purchase special tools, Check stock

    4. Lathe processing

    1st roughing, medium turning,inner and outer diameter turning, taper, threading

    5. Milling

    Various block, plane cutting, drill, tap, grooving

    6. MCT processing

    Curved surface, tooth shape,special shape machining, precision electrode machining

    7. Heat treatment

    Heat treatment by material characteristics,satisfy mechanical properties, Comply with strength and hardness

    8. Shrinkage fitting

    Die, inner diameter heat shrink press fit (carbide + steel, steel + steel)

    9. Plane grinding

    Reference surface machining for precision machining.Single-sided angular material, precision grinding

    10. Cylindrical grinding

    Cylindrical inner and outer diameter precisionmachining taper, cross-section grinding

    11. Profile grinding

    Precision grinding of gears and teethes,Cylindrical grinding of special curved surface

    12. Jig grinding

    Hole, hole-to-hole precision pitch machining, special shape curved surface grinding

    13. WiRE CUT

    Precision machining of teeth and penetrations (taper)

    14. EDM

    Precision electrical discharge machining using special cross-section electrodes

    15. LAPPING

    Precision finishing, lapping processing, surface roughness improvement, internal and external diameter grinding

    16. Inspection

    Precise tolerance part precision measurement surface treatment, drawing compliance check

    17. Packaging

    Buffer, moisture-proof, durable support packaging

    18. Shipment

    Invoice, packing list, export letter, etc., according to customer specifications